Hand-crafted, artisan spirits distilled one batch at a time.  Specializing in small-batch single malt whiskies.

Originally, my vision for Sand Creek Distillery was not a distillery at all, but a small craft brewery built in a re-purposed shipping container.  This initial vision combined my passion for up-cycling, modular construction, small spaces, and beer! 

However, after I visited a Colorado craft distillery, I became fascinated with the various methods and flavor profiles in the whisky offerings.  So, instead of getting started brewing beer, I spent the next two years as a student; learning about distilled spirits: methods, recipes, aging, the business, the industry, and the regulations.  

The build out started simply enough, the planned microbrewery had already been started so a few "simple" changes  and Sand Creek Distillery was born. Unfortunately,  due to federal requirements the distillery could not be located on the original site, so a suitable building had to be found.  This search was not easy,  but certainly worth the wait.  Sand Creek's home is in the heart of Hugo's business district and could not be more perfect.

Currently, Sand Creek Distillery is operated solely by me, Lucas Hohl, and while I have learned a lot from seminars, workshops, and countless hours of research, I know there is no substitute for experience.  I sincerely hope your experience with Sand Creek Distillery is as unique and gratifying as mine has been.