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6,067 miles! Hugo to Kyoto

posted Oct 3, 2018, 8:08 PM by Lucas Hohl
A devout "creeker"--CB--recently purchased 3 bottles of differing spirits (after an initial purchase of a few back in May) to take on his trip to Japan.  His hope was to share the development of the "american single malt whiskey" category with our Japanese brethern (who have a shared love of malt whiskey).  This was intriguing to me...Sand Creek's Single Malt on the other side of the globe?!?!  That's amazing!  Hopefully it is well received and CB is able to get some pictures of the whiskey at a Shinto Shrine...or something similar.  Thank you CB, and to all the other Creekers (Mark, Bennie, & Mr. Black)...we, together, will make all of the Sand Creek Single Malt offerings a prized experience for the true whisky lovers.