March 6, 2024

It is with gratitude, sadness, and a sense of wonder that I am announcing the closing of Sand Creek Distillery.  What started as a dream 12 years ago, escalated into an amazing journey of discovery, creativity, and entrepreneurialism.  I would like to thank all of the patrons who journeyed across the vast Eastern Plains for a tour and a dram; also to my own body for not giving up during the spirit/bottling runs at 3:00am; thank you, my fellow distillers, who--through your wisdom and candor--encouraged my efforts; and finally thank you to my family for allowing me to chase this endeavor.

Like most, COVID-19 changed many aspects of my life--most temporary, some permanent.  For the distillery, it discouraged the "in-person" visits that my business model was based upon; increased the costs of goods and freight; and turned the tasting room into a dimly lit chamber void of laughter and discussion.  However, it also led me back to serving my community in a time of need--rekindling a passion I have held since I was a little boy.

The distillery and the process were a much-needed catharsis for me--the time spent alone with only my thoughts, my formulations, my calculations, my actions, and most therapeutically my mistakes and the corrections--easing my transition to a post-military life.  I consider myself lucky to have had this experience and I thank you all for your companionship during this journey.


Lucas Hohl, Founder/Sole-Member

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