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Sand Creek Distillery Ltd. is a veteran-owned & operated distillery located in Hugo, Colorado. Call it a craft-, micro-, nano-, or even a pico-distillery--the goal is the same: to produce traditional, hand-crafted, pot-distilled, world-class spirits.

I often get asked about my story or what makes me special. I cannot even begin to count the number of narratives I have tried to write or rehearse, but to be honest Sand Creek Distillery was born of serendipity. So many factors: ideas, successes, failures, boredom, existential crises, and a myriad of others. As to what makes Sand Creek Distillery different--I guess I do. That's it, me, because this is a one-person operation--not that it'll always be. However, for now, the learning, growing, developing, and creating distilled spirits is my catharsis and passion.


Standard Single Malt & American Redux

Sand Creek Distillery specializes in American Single Malt Whisky. This whisky features:

  • 100% Malted Barley

  • Mashed, Fermented, Distilled, and Matured entirely in-house

  • Matured in Oak Casks

  • Distilled to no more than 160 Proof (80% ABV)

  • Bottled at no less than 80 Proof (40% ABV)

High Plains Gold Rum

  • 100% Panela

  • Double Pot-distilled

  • Matured in used whisky barrels

  • Bottled at 100 Proof (50% ABV)

Why Sand Creek?

Hugo is a statutory town located on the Big Sandy Creek, which is one of many in Colorado formerly known as Sand Creek. If I were to choose Big Sandy Distilling, no one would know where I was located. However, most Coloradans have heard of the Sand Creek Massacre which occurred an hour's drive southeast. So I chose Sand Creek Distillery because it immediately conjures up images of the Great Plains and Eastern Colorado.

And, yes, it had to be a creek because they are the only geographic landmarks out here.

Plan a Visit

Sand Creek Distillery's address is:

324 5th St., Suite A

Hugo, Colorado 80821

Tasting room hours are normally:

Sundays (7-9pm)

Fridays (7-9pm).

However, please check my hours on Google for any special events/closures. I am generally available for private tastings tours, so if you would like to schedule a visit for a different time, please send an email to:

COVID-19 Operations--SCD does not sell any products for on-premise consumption (not a bar). Hours of operation will continue as normal until further guidance issued.


The easiest and best thing to do is make the trip to Hugo! You can Air BnB, if you're worried about my penchant to permit a barrel sample or two.

If you are a purchaser for retail or bar/tavern, I am distributed through LibDib and only available in Colorado.